Frequently Asked Questions


Who can become a member of AHC?

Any homeschooling family may become a member of AHC. 

AHC does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, nor physical or mental disability. 


Can I drop off my child?

No.  AHC is a cooperative that makes community our top priority.  We find that working together to make classes happen for our children is one of the best ways to build relationships. We want to get to know you and your child.  As a practical matter it takes all of us to make classes run smoothly.


Are children ever at AHC without their parents?

In certain circumstances, parents may not be needed.  This is generally outside of classes.  It is fairly common practice for one parent to bring a child from another family along to park day, for example.  Events for older children are sometimes “drop off” events.  In rare cases, a parent may be able to make arrangements to have another adult be in charge of their child during classes, but this is unusual and must be approved by a member of our Leadership Team.  AHC can never take responsibility for a child.  Any of the arrangements above are based on private agreements between the parents involved.


What does volunteering mean?

Each day, it takes all of our parents working together to put on classes.  For most parents this means either teaching classes or assisting with classes, and sometimes a combination of both.

You use Volunteer Spot to sign up for your volunteer commitment, but flexibility is a key aspect to our community.  In fact, most of us pitch in as needed throughout the day in various ways because that is how community works.  If you have concerns about volunteering, please discuss them with our Class Coordinator.  So far, we have always been able to find a way to make it work.

You can read more about our Volunteer Requirements on the Classes at AHC page.

Also, have members willing to volunteer and contribute as part of our Leadership Team is very important to ensure smooth running, and the continual progress of our group. Our Leadership Team is the decision-making body for AHC most of the year.  Leadership Team members are responsible for every aspect of AHC, including the forum, website, classes, field trips, events, finances, insurance, taxes, as well as coming up with a fix for any part of the system that isn’t functioning as well as it could.

You can learn more about becoming a part of Leadership Team by contacting our Group Facilitator.


Are there rules?

Generally, no.  AHC functions on a model of community and relationship with one another.  With the respect that we build through relationship, and applying basic reason, we find we handle problems best without the use of rules.  We do have some expectations that come up as needed.  For example, we ask children not to run through the halls and to let their teacher know if they need to leave class.  Most families have their own expectations as well.


Why are there two locations?

We have found that there are two different sets of needs within our community. Apex serves families with younger children interested in shorter class days, a smaller location and a focus on social opportunities.  Our older families tend to want more class time and the added class options that a larger program can offer.  These needs are best met at our Zenith location.  For more details about each location, click on the links above.


How do I join?

Joining is easy, though there are a couple of steps that are needed to get the full benefit of AHC.  For full details, please see our membership page.


What am I paying for?

AHC’s largest expense is rent for the spaces where we hold classes.  The second largest expense is materials reimbursements for our teachers.  Other expenses include web hosting, renting a PO Box and other administrative matters, as well as budget amounts for a few social events each year, and covering incidental costs for all of our activities.  Generally we work very hard to keep fees a low as possible while still maintaining a buffer for financial stability.  Often enrollments are higher than our conservative budgets, or teachers do not ask for reimbursement as budgeted.  The net income that results is used for the group at the discretion of the Leadership Team.


What if I don’t want to take classes?

That’s just fine! AHC is about community building in any form that works for you.  Each term we have some families that don’t take classes and participate in other ways.  There is a trend that these families eventually end up in classes because they hear about the great time we all have, but that is up to you.


Do you have to take both classes?

No.  Many families choose to take less than 2 classes for various reasons. However, taking fewer classes does not change your registration fees.  This is partly because we want our fee structure to encourage folks to come together, not stay away.  Also, since most of our expense is rent, our costs aren’t much lower for a family to take 1 classes rather than 2.


What if I can’t afford class fees?

If you are having trouble affording classes, please check with our treasurer for assistance.  We don’t want to miss out on the talents and ideas you can bring to our cooperative. Money should never be the reason a family doesn’t join us.